Deploy and configure the shared edge and compute cluster components.


After you install and configure the external Platform Services Controller instance for the shared edge and compute cluster, you can now install the vCenter Server appliance and assign a license. 


(Optional) If a license was not assigned during deployment of the Management vCenter Server and ESXi hosts, you may add new licenses for this vCenter Server instance if needed.


After the vCenter Server for the Shared Edge and Computer cluster is deployed it must be added to the vCenter VM Group.


Exclude vCenter Server from all of your distributed firewall rules. This ensures that network access between vCenter Server and NSX is not blocked.


After you deploy the Compute vCenter Server, you must create and configure the shared edge and compute cluster.


After all ESXi hosts have been added to the cluster, create a vSphere Distributed Switch.


After vSphere vSphere Distributed Switch has been created and connected with all hosts, enable vSphere HA on the cluster.


Change the default ESX Admins group to achieve greater levels of security by removing a known administrative access point.


You must mount an NFS datastore for the content library consumed by vRealize Automation for virtual machine provisioning.


Host Profiles ensure all hosts in the cluster have the same configuration.


To increase security of your ESXi hosts, you put them in Lockdown mode, so that administrative operations can be performed only from vCenter Server.