Deploy vRealize Log Insight in a cluster configuration of three nodes with an integrated load balancer: one master and two worker nodes.


Start the deployment of vRealize Log Insight in Region A by deploying the master and worker nodes and forming the vRealize Log Insight cluster.


After you generate the PEM certificate chain file that contains the own certificate, the signer certificate and the private key file, upload the certificate chain to vRealize Log Insight.


Start collecting log information about the ESXi and vCenter Server instances in the SDDC. 


Connect vRealize Log Insight to vRealize Operations Manager so that you can use the Launch in Context functionality between the two application, allowing for you to troubleshoot vRealize Operations Manager by using dashboards and alerts in the vRealize Log Insight user interface.


Install and configure the vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for NSX for vSphere for log visualization and alerting of the NSX for vSphere real-time operation. You can use the NSX-vSphere dashboards to monitor logs about installation and configuration, and about virtual networking services.


Connect the vRealize Log to vRealize Automation to receive log information from all components of vRealize Automation in the vRealize Log Insight UI. 


Install the content pack for VMware vSAN to add the dashboards for viewing log information in vRealize Log Insight.


Set log retention to one week and archive logs for 90 days according to the VMware Validated Design Architecture and Design documentation.