Connect the vRealize Log to vRealize Automation to receive log information from all components of vRealize Automation in the vRealize Log Insight UI. 


Install the content packs for vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator and Microsoft SQL Server to add the dashboards for viewing log information about the Cloud Management Platform in vRealize Log Insight.


Install the vRealize Log Insight agent on the Windows virtual machines for the Distributed Execution Manager, IaaS Manager Service, IaaS Web Server, IaaS SQL Server and the vSphere proxy agents. Configure Log Insight Windows Agents from the vRealize Log Insight Web interface.


vRealize Log Insight Agent comes pre-installed on the vRealize Automation virtual appliance. Configure the liagent.ini configuration file on each virtual appliance.


You can configure each vRealize Orchestrator appliance to forward system logs and events to the vRealize Log Insight instance. All syslog information can then be viewed and analyzed from the vRealize Log Insight Web interface.