Start the deployment of vRealize Log Insight in Region A by deploying the master and worker nodes and forming the vRealize Log Insight cluster.


Before you deploy vRealize Log Insight, verify that your environment satisfies the requirements for this deployment. 


Use the vSphere Web Client to deploy each vRealize Log Insight node as a virtual appliance on the management cluster in Region A.


To protect the vRealize Log Insight cluster from a host-level failure, configure vSphere DRS to run the worker virtual appliances on different hosts in the management cluster.


Configure and start the vRealize Log Insight master node. Before you form a cluster by adding the worker nodes, vRealize Log Insight must be running.


After you deploy the virtual appliances for vRealize Log Insight and start the vRealize Log Insight instance on the master node, join the two worker nodes to form a cluster.


After you join the master and the worker nodes to create a vRealize Log Insight cluster, enable the Integrated Load Balancer (ILB) for balancing incoming ingestion traffic of syslog data among the Log Insight nodes and for high availability. 


To use user roles in vRealize Log Insight that are maintained centrally and are inline with the other solutions in the SDDC, enable Active Directory support.