VMware Horizon View Client for Linux Help : Log In to a View Desktop

Log In to a View Desktop
After logging in to View Connection Server, you can connect to the View desktops that you are authorized to use.
Obtain the following information from your View administrator:
Port number to use for connecting to the Horizon View server if the port is not 443.
If your administrator has allowed it, you can configure the certificate checking mode for the SSL certificate that the View server presents. See Certificate Checking Modes for View Client.
Either open a terminal window and enter vmware-view or select Applications > Internet > VMware Horizon View Client from the Ubuntu menu bar.
An example using a nondefault port is view.company.com:1443.
You might see a message that you must confirm before the login dialog box appears.
Usually, this warning means that View Connection Server did not send a certificate thumbprint to the client. The thumbprint is a hash of the certificate public key and is used as an abbreviation of the public key. View Connection Server 4.6.1, 5.0.1, and later versions send thumbprint information, but earlier versions do not.
(Optional) Select the display protocol and window size to use.
The default is PCoIP. To use Microsoft RDP instead, click PCoIP under the desktop name to toggle and select Microsoft RDP.
The default is Full Screen - All Monitors. To choose another window size, click one of the other options under the desktop name, such as Large Screen or Custom Size.