VMware Horizon View Client for Linux Help : Keyboards and Monitors

Keyboards and Monitors
You can use multiple monitors and all types of keyboards with a View desktop. Certain settings ensure the best possible user experience.
Best Practices for Using Multiple Monitors
Following are recommendations for successfully using multiple monitors with a View desktop:
To use more than 2 monitors to display your View desktop on a Ubuntu client system, you must configure the kernel.xhmmax setting correctly. Use the following formula:
max horizontal resolution X max vertical resolution X max number of monitors X 4
For example, manually setting kernel.shmmax to 65536000 allows you to use four monitors with a screen resolution of 2560x1600.
View Client supports the following monitor configurations:
Screen Resolution
Consider the following guidelines when setting screen resolutions:
Keyboard Limitations
For the most part, keyboards work as well with a View desktop as they do with a physical computer. Following is a list of the limitations you might encounter, depending on the type of peripherals and software on your client system:
If you use the PCoIP display protocol and want the View desktop to detect which keyboard map your client system uses, such as, for example, a Japanese keyboard or a German keyboard, you must set a GPO in the View agent. Use the Turn on PCOIP user default input language synchronization policy, available as part of the View PCoIP Session Variables ADM template file. For more information, see the VMware Horizon View Administration document.
Regardless of which window manager you use, VMware recommends turning off the screen saver in a View desktop and not specifying a sleep timer.