VMware Horizon View Client for Linux Help : Log Off or Disconnect from a Desktop

Log Off or Disconnect from a Desktop
If you disconnect from a View desktop without logging off, applications remain open.
Even if you do not have a View desktop open, you can log off of the View desktop operating system. Using this feature has the same result as sending Ctrl+Alt+Del to the desktop and then clicking Log Off.
Click the Close button in the corner of the window or select File > Quit from the menu bar.
Select Desktop > Disconnect from the menu bar.
Select File > Disconnect from server from the menu bar.
Your View administrator can configure your desktop to automatically log off when disconnected. In that case, any open programs in your desktop are stopped.
Use the Windows Start menu to log off.
Select Desktop > Disconnect and Log off.
If you use this procedure, files that are open on the View desktop will be closed without being saved first.