VMware View Administrator's Guide : Creating Desktop Pools : Linked-Clone Desktop Pools : Choosing QuickPrep or Sysprep to Customize Linked-Clone Desktops

Choosing QuickPrep or Sysprep to Customize Linked-Clone Desktops
QuickPrep and Microsoft Sysprep provide different approaches to customizing linked-clone desktops. QuickPrep is designed to work efficiently with View Composer. Microsoft Sysprep offers standard customization tools.
When you create linked-clone desktops, you must modify each virtual machine so that it can function as a unique computer on the network. View Manager and View Composer provide two methods for personalizing linked-clone desktops.
Table 31 compares QuickPrep with customization specifications that are created with Microsoft Sysprep.
Sysprep is supported only when the pool is created in vSphere mode and on vSphere 4.1 software. You cannot use Sysprep to customize linked-clone deskstops on vSphere 4.0 or VMware Infrastructure 3.5 software.
After you customize a linked-clone pool with QuickPrep or Sysprep, you cannot switch to the other customization method when you create or recompose desktops in the pool.