Upgrading View Client with Local Mode is very similar to upgrading View Client for Windows. You run the new installer on the client system.


If your end users have the View Client with Local Mode 4.6.0 or an earlier version, instruct them to check in their View desktops and then ask them to remove the View Client with Local Mode software from their client systems. After their View desktops are upgraded to Horizon View 5.2 in the datacenter, they can perform a fresh installation of the latest version of View Client with Local Mode and check out their upgraded View desktops.

Verify that View Connection Server, View Composer, and View Transfer Server have all been upgraded. See Upgrading Horizon View Server Components. If only one or two of these components are upgraded, you might not be able to check out View desktops if the desktops are based on linked clones.

Verify that you have either a local user account with administrative privileges or a domain user account with administrative privileges on client systems that you will use to run the installer and perform the upgrade.

Verify that client computers have a supported operating system and can accommodate the View desktop that end users plan to download and run locally. See Using VMware Horizon View Client for Windows, available at https://www.vmware.com/support/viewclients/doc/viewclients_pubs.html.

Determine a strategy for upgrading the View Agent software installed in the local desktop operating system. One strategy is to instruct end users to check in their local desktops so that you can upgrade View Agent on the virtual machine in the datacenter. Another strategy is to upgrade View Agent inside the local View desktop on the client system. You can use whatever third-party tools you usually use for software upgrades.


If applicable, have end users check in their local desktops.

If you plan to upgrade View Agent on the virtual machine in the datacenter, have end users check in their local mode desktops.

If the end user occasionally switches back and forth between system locales that use unicode and non-unicode characters, have the user check in the View desktop before upgrading View Client.


On the client system, run the latest version of the View Client with Local Mode installer.

If end users have the required administrative privileges on their computers, you have several options for providing end users with the installer:

Download the installer from the VMware Web site and send it to your end users. Go to the following URL: https://www.vmware.com/go/viewclients.

Post the installer on a company Web site and ask end users to download it.

Give end users the URL for View Portal and have them download the installer from View Portal.


The default links in View Portal point to the VMware Clients download site. You can change the default links to point elsewhere. See the topic called "Configure the View Client Download Links Displayed in View Portal" in the VMware Horizon View Installation document.


Have end users verify that they can log in and connect to their local View desktops.

If end users checked in their local mode desktops so that the View Agent software could be upgraded in the datacenter, when the View Agent upgrade is complete, instruct end users to check out their newly upgraded View desktops to their local systems.

If the View Agent software inside the local desktops is not yet upgraded to the latest version, upgrade View Agent, either in the datacenter virtual machine or on the local client system.