A major advantage of using Horizon View is that desktops follow the end user regardless of device or location. Users can access their personalized virtual desktop from a company laptop, their home PC, a thin client device, a Mac, or a tablet.

From tablets and from Mac, Linux, and Windows laptops and PCs, end users open View Client to display their View desktop. Thin client devices use View thin client software and can be configured so that the only application that users can launch directly on the device is View Thin Client. Repurposing a legacy PC into a thin client desktop can extend the life of the hardware by three to five years. For example, by using Horizon View on a thin desktop, you can use a newer operating system such as Windows 7 on older desktop hardware.

If you use the HTML Access feature, end users can open a View desktop inside a browser, without having to install any client application on the client system or device.