VMware Horizon View Architecture Planning provides an introduction to VMware® Horizon View™, including a description of its major features and deployment options and an overview of how the components are typically set up in a production environment.

This guide answers the following questions:

Does VMware Horizon View solve the problems you need it to solve?

Would it be feasible and cost-effective to implement a Horizon View solution in your enterprise?

To help you protect your installation, this guide also provides a discussion of security features.

This information is intended for IT decision makers, architects, administrators, and others who need to familiarize themselves with the components and capabilities of Horizon View. With this information, architects and planners can determine whether Horizon View satisfies the requirements of their enterprise for efficiently and securely delivering Windows desktops and applications to their end users. The example architecture helps planners understand the hardware requirements and setup effort required for a large-scale deployment.