Before you can use View Connection Server, you must enter the product license key.

The first time you log in, View Administrator displays the Product Licensing and Usage page.

After you install the license key, View Administrator displays the dashboard page when you log in.

You do not have to configure a license key when you install a replicated View Connection Server instance or a security server. Replicated instances and security servers use the common license key stored in the View LDAP configuration.


View Connection Server requires a valid license key for View 5.0. As of the release of View 4.0, the View license key is a 25-character key.


If the View Configuration view is not displayed, click View Configuration in the left navigation pane.


Click Product Licensing and Usage.


On the Product Licensing table, click Edit License and enter the View Manager license serial number.


Click OK.


Verify the license expiration date.