To support a large deployment of View Manager desktops, you can configure the Windows Server computers on which you install View Connection Server. On each computer, you can size the Windows page-file.

On 64-bit Windows Server 2008 computers, the ephemeral ports, TCB hash table, and Java Virtual Machine settings are sized by default. These adjustments ensure that the computers have adequate resources to run correctly with the expected user load.

By default, the system can create a maximum of approximately 16,000 ephemeral ports that run concurrently on Windows Server 2008. 16,000 ephemeral ports can support more than 2,000 concurrent client connections, the maximum supported number for a View Connection Server instance.

On Windows Server 2008 computers, you do not need to increase the maximum size of the TCB hash table. Windows Server 2008 fully tunes this value by default.

For hardware and memory requirements for View Connection Server, see Hardware Requirements for View Connection Server.

For hardware and memory recommendations for using View Connection Server in a large View deployment, see "View Connection Server Maximums and Virtual Machine Configuration" in VMware Horizon View Architecture Planning.