To support View Composer, the vCenter Server user must have privileges in addition to those required to support View Manager. Create a View Composer role for the vCenter Server user with the View Manager privileges and these additional privileges.

View Composer Privileges

Privilege Group

Privileges to Enable


Allocate space

Browse datastore

Low level file operations

Virtual machine

Inventory (all)

Configuration (all)

State (all)

In Provisioning:

Clone virtual machine

Allow disk access


Assign virtual machine to resource pool

The following privilege is required to perform View Composer rebalance operations.

Migrate powered off virtual machine


Enable methods

Disable methods

System tag

The following privilege is required to implement View Storage Accelerator, which enables ESXi host caching. If you do not use View Storage Accelerator, the vCenter Server user does not need this privilege.

Act as vCenter Server