You can provision an automated desktop pool by manually specifying a list of desktop names. This naming method lets you use your company's naming conventions to identify the desktops in a pool.

When you explicitly specify desktop names, users can see familiar names based on their company's organization when they log in to their desktops.

Follow these guidelines for manually specifying desktop names:

Type each desktop name on a separate line.

A desktop name can have up to 15 alphanumeric characters.

You can add a user name to each desktop entry. Use a comma to separate the user name from the desktop name.

In this example, two desktops are specified. The second desktop is associated with a user:


In a floating-assignment pool, you cannot associate user names with desktop names. The desktops are not dedicated to the associated users. In a floating-assignment pool, all desktops that are not currently in use remain accessible to any user who logs in.

Make sure that each desktop name is unique. You cannot use the names of existing virtual machines in vCenter Server.


Create a text file that contains the list of desktop names.

If you intend to create a pool with only a few desktops, you can type the desktop names directly in the Add Pool wizard. You do not have to create a separate text file.


In View Administrator start the Add Pool wizard to begin creating an automated desktop pool.


On the Provisioning Settings page, select Specify names manually and click Enter names.


Copy your list of desktop names in the Enter Desktop Names page and click Next.

The Enter Desktop Names wizard displays the desktop list and indicates validation errors with a red !.


Correct invalid desktop names.


Place your cursor over an invalid name to display the related error message at the bottom of the page.


Click Back.


Edit the incorrect names and click Next.


Click Finish.


(Optional) Select Start desktops in maintenance mode.

This option lets you customize the desktops before users can log in and use them.


Follow the prompts in the wizard to finish creating the desktop pool.

View Manager creates a desktop for each name in the list. When an entry includes a desktop and user name, View Manager assigns the desktop to that user.

After the pool is created, you can add desktops by importing another list file that contains additional desktop names and users.