The Transfer Server repository must be large enough to store the View Composer base images for all the linked-clone desktops that are used in local mode. To make sure that the Transfer Server repository can accommodate a particular base image, you can determine the approximate size of the base image.

A base image can be several gigabytes in size.

The maximum size of a base image is the sum of the provisioned sizes of the hard disks in the parent virtual machine. The actual base image size might be smaller than the maximum.

Verify that you created a parent virtual machine to use for creating a linked-clone desktop pool.


In vSphere Client, select the parent virtual machine.


Click Edit Settings.


In the Hardware tab, select the first configured hard disk.

For example, select Hard Disk 1.


In the Disk Provisioning pane, read the Provisioned Size.


If the virtual machine has more than one hard disk, repeat steps 3 and 4 for each additional hard disk.


Add the provisioned sizes of the hard disks.