The steps you take to migrate the View Composer service depend on whether you intend to preserve existing linked-clone desktops.

To preserve the linked-clone desktops in your deployment, the View Composer service that you install on the new computer must continue to use the existing View Composer database. The View Composer database contains data that is required to create, provision, maintain, and delete the linked clones.

When you migrate the View Composer service, you can also migrate the View Composer database to a new computer.

Whether or not you migrate the View Composer database, the database must be configured on an available computer in the same domain as the new computer on which you install the View Composer service, or on a trusted domain.

View Composer creates RSA key pairs to encrypt and decrypt authentication information stored in the View Composer database. To make this data source compatible with the new View Composer service, you must migrate the RSA key container that was created by the original View Composer service. You must import the RSA key container to the computer on which you install the new service.

If the current View Composer service does not manage any linked-clone desktops, you can migrate the service without using the existing View Composer database. You do not have to migrate the RSA keys, whether or not you use the existing database.


Each instance of the View Composer service must have its own View Composer database. Multiple View Composer services cannot share a View Composer database.