When you remove all instances of View Transfer Server from View Manager, you cannot check out, check in, or replicate data for local desktops.

When you remove a View Transfer Server instance that is actively performing transfers, the active transfer operations are paused. Local desktop sessions show the transfer status as paused.

For example, if you remove View Transfer Server while you check out a desktop, the check-out operation is paused. The user can resume the paused transfer operation from the client computer.


You must remove a View Transfer Server instance from View Manager before you perform these operations:

Uninstall or upgrade a View Transfer Server instance

Perform maintenance operations on a View Transfer Server virtual machine in vCenter Server


In View Administrator, click View Configuration > Servers.


Click the Transfer Servers panel and select a View Transfer Server instance.


Click Remove.


If transfers are currently active, choose whether to cancel the active transfers or cancel this task and keep View Transfer Server.


Click OK.

When a View Transfer Server instance is removed from View Manager, its DRS automation policy is reset to the value it had before View Transfer Server was added to View Manager.