Replication synchronizes local desktops with their corresponding remote desktops by sending user-generated changes to the datacenter. You can set policies to configure replication frequency, to allow users to defer replications, and to select the type of linked-clone disk to replicate.

You configure replication features by setting local mode policies. For descriptions, see Local Mode Policies.

Determine whether to set these policies globally, for individual desktop pools, and for individual users. For details, see Setting Policies in View Administrator.

Set the Target replication frequency.

This policy specifies the interval in days, hours, or minutes between the start of one replication and the start of the next replication. You can prohibit scheduled replications by selecting No replication.

The No replication policy does not prohibit explicit replication requests. You can initiate replications in View Administrator, and users can request replications if the User initiated replication policy is set to Allow.

If a replication takes longer than the interval that is specified in the Target replication frequency policy, the next scheduled replication starts after the previous one is completed. The pending replication does not cancel the previous one.

For example, the Target replication frequency policy might be set to one day. A replication might start at noon on Tuesday. If the client computer is disconnected from the network, the replication might take longer than 24 hours. At noon on Wednesday, View Client with Local Mode starts the next replication request. After the previous replication is completed, View Client with Local Mode takes a snapshot and starts the pending replication.

Set User deferred replication.

This policy allows a user to pause a replication that is underway. The replication does not resume, and no new replications start, until the deferment period is over. The deferment period is two hours.

Set Disks replicated.

This policy determines whether to replicate View Composer persistent disks only, OS disks, or both OS disks and persistent disks. This policy affects linked-clone desktops only.

This policy is set when a desktop is checked out. If you change the policy, the change takes effect after the desktop is checked out again.

Set User initiated replication.

This policy allows a user to request a replication from a local desktop.