After you manually copy the base image to the client computer and set permissions on the package files, you must direct the user to check out a desktop.

Verify that View Client with Local Mode is installed on the client computer.

Verify that you set permissions to use the package files that were copied to the client computer. See Set Permissions to Allow View to Use the Copied Package Files.


On the client computer, start View Client, connect to View Connection Server, log in to View Connection Server, and select a desktop pool.


Click the down-arrow button next to the desktop pool and click Check out.


(Optional) If you copied the package files to a custom directory, configure View Client to check out the desktop into the custom directory.


In the Check Out dialog, click Options.


Next to Check-out directory, click Browse and select the directory that contains the pool-name folder.

Do not select the pool-name folder itself.

For example, if you copied package files for a pool with a display name LocalPool into a directory named C:\CheckOutDirectory\LocalPool, select the C:\CheckOutDirectory directory.


Click OK.


In the Check-out dialog, click OK.

View Manager checks out the desktop. View Transfer Server detects that the base-image files reside on the client computer and downloads only the remaining desktop files. These files include the OS disk and a persistent disk, if one is configured.