View Transfer Server can be in various states of operation and availability. In View Administrator, you can track the status of View Transfer Server in the Transfer Servers pane on the View Configuration > Servers page.

View Transfer Server States During Normal Operations




View Transfer Server and the Transfer Server repository are configured and operating properly.


View Transfer Server is being added to View Manager or is exiting Maintenance mode. View Connection Server is actively establishing a connection with View Transfer Server.

When the connection is made, View Transfer Server will be moved to an operational state such as Ready.

Maintenance mode pending

View Transfer Server is entering Maintenance mode while waiting for active transfers and package publish operations to be completed.

Maintenance mode

Active data transfers are suspended. Users cannot initiate new transfers. Scheduled, pending transfers cannot take place. View Transfer Server cannot publish packages to the Transfer Server repository.

Initializing Transfer Server repository

View Transfer Server is initializing the Transfer Server repository.

If View Transfer Server has trouble initializing the Transfer Server repository, the status will change to an error state. To resolve the issue, see the troubleshooting tip for the displayed error state.

No Transfer Server repository configured

No Transfer Server repository is configured in View Manager.

This state does not indicate an error because you can perform transfer operations for full virtual machines without configuring a Transfer Server repository.

However, this state does indicate an error when you use linked-clone desktops in local mode. You cannot perform transfer operations for linked-clone desktops when no Transfer Server repository is configured.

View Transfer Server enters an error state when it becomes unavailable or cannot operate normally. To resolve an issue, read the troubleshooting tip for the displayed error state. See Troubleshooting View Transfer Server and Local Desktop Operations.

View Transfer Server Error States



Bad Transfer Server repository

The Transfer Server repository that View Transfer Server is configured to connect to differs from the Transfer Server repository that is currently configured in View Connection Server.

Repository connection error

View Transfer Server cannot connect to the configured Transfer Server repository.

Bad health check

View Transfer Server failed the View Manager health check. View Transfer Server is unavailable or not operating properly.

Transfer Server repository conflict

Multiple View Transfer Server instances are configured to connect to different Transfer Server repositories.

This state can occur if, at the same time, multiple View Transfer Server instances are added to View Manager, and each instance is configured with a different Transfer Server repository.

Web Server down

The Apache2.2 service that supports the Transfer Server repository is not running.