Transfer operations for local desktops depend on services that run on a View Transfer Server host. If you want to adjust the operation of these services, you must first familiarize yourself with them.

All of the services that are installed with View Transfer Server must be running for the correct operation of local desktops in View Manager.

View Transfer Server Host Services

Service Name

Startup Type


VMware View Transfer Server


Provides services that coordinate the View Transfer Server related services. If you start or stop this service, it also starts or stops the View Transfer Server Control Service and Framework service.

VMware View Transfer Server Control Service


Provides management capabilities for View Transfer Server and handles communication with View Connection Server.

VMware View Framework Component


Provides event logging, security, and COM+ framework services for View Manager.

Apache2.2 service


Provides data-transfer capabilities for client computers that run View desktops in local mode.

The Apache2.2 service is started when you add View Transfer Server to View Manager.