One way to implement Active Directory group policies in View is to create an OU for your View desktops and link one or more GPOs to that OU. You can use these GPOs to apply group policy settings to your View desktops and to enable loopback processing.

You can configure policies on your Active Directory Server or on any computer in your domain. This example shows how to configure policies directly on your Active Directory server.


Because every View environment is different, you might need to perform different steps to meet your organization's specific needs.


To apply group policies to View desktops without affecting other Windows computers in the same Active Directory domain, create an OU specifically for your View desktops.


Create GPOs to contain group policies for View components and location-based printing and link them to the OU for your View desktops.


To apply View component group policy settings to your View desktops, add their ADM template files to GPOs.


To make User Configuration settings that usually apply to a computer apply to all of the users that log in to that computer, enable loopback processing.