View Transfer Server stores View Composer base images as package files in the Transfer Server repository. When these files are out of date or no longer used, you can delete the packages from the Transfer Server repository.

You can delete a package file even if linked-clone desktops still use the base image from which the package file was published. After you delete the package file, these desktops cannot be checked out.

Verify that View Transfer Server is configured in View Manager. See Add View Transfer Server to View Manager.

Verify that a Transfer Server repository is configured. See Configure the Transfer Server Repository.


In View Administrator, click View Configuration > Servers.


Click the Transfer Server tab.


In the Transfer Server Repository panel, click the Contents tab and select a package file.


Click Delete.

A dialog warns you if linked-clone desktops are using the base image from which the selected package file was published. You can cancel the package removal or continue.


Click OK.

The package enters the Pending Delete state and is deleted.