On desktops that run in local mode, a new SSO timeout limit takes effect the next time a client computer that hosts the local desktop sends a heartbeat message to View Connection Server.

On View desktops that are used in local mode, a checkout operation might take longer than the SSO timeout limit. In this case, the user's SSO credentials expire before the checkout is completed.

For example, you might set the SSO timeout limit to 10 minutes. A user might log in to View Connection Server and check out a desktop. If the checkout takes 20 minutes and the user then launches the desktop, the user still needs to log in to the desktop manually, even though the user has not yet spent any time in a desktop session. SSO succeeds after the user closes View Client and reconnects to View Connection Server.

A first-time checkout in a low-bandwidth environment might take longer than 15 minutes, the default timeout limit. A user's SSO credentials might expire during the first checkout if the default SSO timeout limit is in effect.