When you set up a proxy server to support HTTP caching for local desktops, you must configure the capacity of the cache and the HTTP connection method.

Verify the size limit of base-image package files that you set with the vdmadmin -T command. See Limit the Size of Base-Image Package Files to Allow Caching.

Determine whether you use SSL for local mode operations. See Configure View Connection Server to Support HTTP Caching of View Composer Base Images.


Configure the maximum size of the cache on the proxy server.

To calculate the maximum size, consider the number and size of the View Composer base images that are used by local desktops. The base images are downloaded as package files to the proxy server. Also consider other files that you plan to cache on the proxy server.


Configure the size of the largest single file that can be cached.

The single-file maximum size on the proxy server must be at least as large as the maximum package-file size that you set with the vdmadmin -T command.


If you do not enable the Use SSL for Local Mode operations setting for View Connection Server, set the access control list (ACL) on the proxy server to open port 80 and allow the CONNECT method to connect to port 80.

View Transfer Server uses the CONNECT method to provide a tunnel connection through the proxy server. View Transfer Server uses this connection to transfer files and data other than View Composer base images between local desktops and the datacenter. Using port 80 enhances transfer performance.