You can create a pool that contains a single desktop when a user requires a unique, dedicated desktop, or when, at different times, multiple users must access a costly application with a single-host license.

You can provision an individual View desktop in its own pool by creating a manual desktop pool and selecting a single desktop source.

To mimic a physical computer that can be shared by multiple users, specify a floating assignment for the users entitled to access the pool.

Whether you configure the single-desktop pool with dedicated or floating assignment, power operations are initiated by session management. The virtual machine is powered on when a user requests the desktop and powered off or suspended when the user logs off.

If you configure the Ensure desktops are always powered on policy, the virtual machine remains powered on. If the user shuts down the virtual machine, it immediately restarts.

Prepare the desktop source to deliver View desktop access. View Agent must be installed and running on the desktop source.

To prepare a virtual machine managed by vCenter Server, see Creating and Preparing Virtual Machines.

To prepare an unmanaged virtual machine, physical computer, or Blade PC, see Preparing Unmanaged Desktop Sources.

Gather the configuration information you must provide to create the manual pool. See Worksheet for Creating a Manual Desktop Pool.

Decide how to configure power settings, display protocol, Adobe Flash quality, and other settings. See Desktop and Pool Settings.


In View Administrator, click Inventory > Pools.


Click Add.


Select Manual Pool.


Select the type of user assignment.



Dedicated Assignment

The desktop is assigned to one user. Only that user can log in to the desktop.

Floating Assignment

The desktop is shared by all users who are entitled to the pool. Any entitled user can log in to the desktop as long as another user is not logged in.


On the Add vCenter Virtual Machines or Add Machines page, select the desktop source for your desktop.


Follow the prompts in the wizard to create the pool.

Use the configuration information you gathered in the worksheet. You can go directly back to any wizard page you completed by clicking the page name in the navigation panel.

In View Administrator, you can view the desktop as it is created by clicking Inventory > Desktops.

Entitle users to access the pool. See Add Entitlements to Desktop Pools.