When you install View Agent on a virtual machine, you can select custom setup options.

View Agent Custom Setup Options



USB Redirection

Gives users access to locally connected USB devices on their desktops.

Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 do not support USB redirection.


You can use group policy settings to disable USB redirection for specific users.

View Composer Agent

Lets View Agent run on the linked-clone desktops that are deployed from this virtual machine.

Virtual Printing

Lets users print to any printer available on their Windows client computers. Users do not have to install additional drivers on their desktops.

PCoIP Server

Lets users connect to the View desktop using the PCoIP display protocol.

Installing the PCoIP Server feature disables sleep mode on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista desktops and standby mode on Windows XP desktops. When a user navigates to the Power Options or Shut Down menu, sleep mode or standby mode is inactive. Desktops do not go into sleep or standby mode after a default period of inactivity. Desktops remain in active mode.


If you install the PCoIP Server feature on Windows Vista, the Windows group policy Disable or enable software Secure Attention Sequence is enabled and set to Services and Ease of Access applications. If you change this setting, single sign-on does not work correctly.

PCoIP Smartcard

Lets users authenticate with smart cards when they use the PCoIP display protocol.

View Persona Management

Synchronizes the user profile on the local desktop with a remote profile repository, so that users have access to their profiles whenever they log in to a desktop.