View Composer terminates a QuickPrep post-synchronization or power-off script that takes longer than 20 seconds. You can increase the timeout limit for these scripts by changing the ExecScriptTimeout Windows registry value on the parent virtual machine.

The increased timeout limit is propagated to linked clones that are created from the parent virtual machine. QuickPrep customization scripts can run on the linked clones for the time that you specify.

Alternatively, you can use your customization script to launch another script or process that performs the long-running task.


Most QuickPrep customization scripts can finish running within the 20-second limit. Test your scripts before you increase the limit.

Install View Agent with the View Composer Agent option on the parent virtual machine.

Verify that the parent virtual machine is prepared to create a linked-clone pool. See Prepare a Parent Virtual Machine.


On the parent virtual machine, start the Windows Registry Editor.


Select Start > Command Prompt.


At the command prompt, type regedit.


In the Windows registry, locate the vmware-viewcomposer-ga registry key.



Click Edit and modify the registry value.

Value Name: ExecScriptTimeout
Value Type: REG_DWORD
Value unit: milliseconds

The default value is 20000 milliseconds.

The timeout value is increased. You do not have to restart Windows for this value to take effect.

Take a snapshot of the parent virtual machine and create a linked-clone pool.