You can configure a desktop pool so that users have dedicated assignments or floating assignments to the desktops in the pool. You must choose a user assignment for automated pools that contain full virtual machines, automated linked-clone pools, and manual pools.

With a dedicated assignment, View Manager assigns each entitled user to one desktop in the pool. When a user connects to the pool, the user always logs in to the same desktop. The user's settings and data are saved between sessions. No other user in the pool can access the desktop.

With a floating assignment, View Manager dynamically assigns desktops in the pool to entitled users. Users connect to a different desktop each time they log in. When a user logs off, the desktop is returned to the pool.

You can configure floating-assignment desktops to be deleted when users log off. Automatic deletion lets you keep only as many virtual machines as you need at one time. You can use automatic deletion only in automated pools that you provision with a desktop-naming pattern and a total number of desktops.

Floating-assignment desktops let you reduce software licensing costs.