When you create a manual desktop pool, the View Administrator Add Pool wizard prompts you to configure certain options. Use this worksheet to prepare your configuration options before you create the pool.

You can print this worksheet and write down the values you want to specify when you run the Add Pool wizard.


In a manual pool, you must prepare each desktop source to deliver View desktop access. View Agent must be installed and running on each desktop source.

Worksheet: Configuration Options for Creating a Manual Desktop Pool



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User assignment

Choose the type of user assignment:

In a dedicated-assignment pool, each user is assigned to a desktop. Users receive the same desktop each time they log in.

In a floating-assignment pool, users receive different desktops each time they log in.

For details, see User Assignment in Desktop Pools.

Desktop Sources

The virtual machines or physical computers that you want to use as View desktops in the pool.


Decide which type of desktop source you want to use. You can use either virtual machines that are managed by vCenter Server or unmanaged virtual machines, physical computers, and blade PCs.


Prepare a list of the vCenter Server virtual machines or unmanaged virtual machines, physical computers, and blade PCs that you want to include in the pool.

To use PCoIP with desktop sources that are unmanaged virtual machines, physical computers, or blade PCs, you must use Teradici hardware.

vCenter Server

The vCenter Server that manages the desktops.

This option appears only if the desktop sources are virtual machines that are managed by vCenter Server.

Pool ID

The pool name that users see when they log in and that identifies the pool in View Administrator.

If multiple vCenter Servers are running in your environment, make sure that another vCenter Server is not using the same pool ID.

Pool Settings

Settings that determine the desktop state, power status when a virtual machine is not in use, display protocol, Adobe Flash quality, and so on.

For details, see Desktop and Pool Settings.

For a list of the settings that apply to manual pools, see Desktop Settings for Manual Pools.