Before a user can check out a linked-clone desktop, you must publish its View Composer base image as a package in the Transfer Server repository.

When a user checks out a linked-clone desktop, View Transfer Server downloads the clone's base-image package files from the Transfer Server repository to the local computer.

You can publish packages from the Transfer Server repository page in View Administrator. You can also publish packages when you create a linked-clone pool. After a pool is created, you can also publish packages from the individual pool page by using the View Composer > Publish option.

Verify that a View Transfer Server instance is configured in View Manager. See Add View Transfer Server to View Manager.

If View Transfer Server is version 5.1 or later, verify that all replicated View Connection Server instances in the View configuration are version 5.1 or later. If an earlier version of View Connection Server sends a publish request, View Transfer Server cannot perform the publish operation.

Verify that the Transfer Server repository is configured in View Manager. See Configure the Transfer Server Repository.

Verify that the Transfer Server repository is large enough to accommodate the base image, which can be several gigabytes. The repository must have space for the base image before the package files are compressed. See Determine the Size of a View Composer Base Image.

Verify that a linked-clone desktop pool that will be used in local mode is created.


In View Administrator, click View Configuration > Servers.


Click the Transfer Servers tab.


In the Transfer Server Repository panel, click the Contents tab and click Publish.


Select a View Composer base image from the list and click OK.

The package appears in the Contents pane in the Transfer Server Repository page. The package status changes from Initializing to Publishing to Published.

The publication process can take time. Click the refresh icon on the Transfer Repository page to display the percent of the operation that is completed.

View Transfer Server can download the published View Composer base image to local desktops.