You can use the support tool to set logging levels and generate log files for View Connection Server.

The support tool collects logging data for View Connection Server. This information helps VMware Technical Support diagnose any issues that arise with View Connection Server. The support tool is not intended to collect diagnostic information for View Client or View Agent. You must instead use the support script. See Collect Diagnostic Information for View Agent, View Client, or View Connection Server from the Console.

Log in to a standard or replica instance View Connection Server instance as a user in the Administrators role.


Select Start > All Programs > VMware > Set View Connection Server Log Levels.


In the Choice text box, type a numeric value to set the logging level and press Enter.




Resets the logging level to the default value.


Selects a normal level of logging (default).


Selects a debug level of logging.


Selects full logging.

You should usually enter 2 to select a debug level of logging.

The system starts recording log information with the level of detail that you have selected.


When you have collected enough information about the behavior of View Connection Server, select Start > All Programs > VMware > Generate View Connection Server Log Bundle.

The support tool writes the log files to a folder called vdm-sdct on the desktop of the View Connection Server instance.


File a support request on the Support page of the VMware Web site and attach the output files.