You can view the users actively connected to the View desktops in a pool. You can disconnect users from their desktops, force users to log off, restart active sessions, or send messages to users' desktops.


In View Administrator, click Inventory > Pool.


Double-click a pool and click the Sessions tab.


Select a desktop.

If you intend to send a message to users, you can select mutiple desktops. You can perform the other operations on only one desktop at a time.


Choose whether to disconnect, log off, restart the session, or send a message.



Disconnect Session

Disconnects the user from the desktop. The session remains active. The user can log back in to the session if Automatically logoff after disconnect is set to Never, or the specified length of time after the disconnect occurs is not exceeded. You can configure the Automatically logoff after disconnect setting when the pool is created or edit the setting after the pool is created.

Logoff Session

Disconnects the user from the desktop. The user is logged off.


Shuts down the desktop and restarts the session without a graceful logoff and disconnection.

Send Message

Lets you type a message that is displayed on users' desktops. You can select multiple desktops to receive the message. You can label the message as Info, Warning, or Error. The message is sent to all selected desktops in active sessions.