Following best practices ensures the success of a profile migration.

In View, configure Windows 7 desktops for your users before you begin the profile migration. Configure View Persona Management for the desktop pools.

In particular, configure a CIFS network share as the View Persona Management remote profile repository. The CIFS network share will be the destination path in the migration.

In general, run the migration utility on a Windows 7 32-bit system, because most V1 profiles are 32-bit.

If you can, run the migration utility on the same template or virtual machine image that the destination View pool will use. Folders and files in the base image's default profile are then migrated to the V2 user profiles.

If a user must continue to use the legacy Windows XP system after a migration, configure redirected folders for both the legacy Windows XP system and the Windows 7 View desktop. This approach allows the user to access files from both systems.