VMware View uses your existing Active Directory infrastructure for user authentication and management. For added security, you can integrate VMware View with two-factor authentication solutions, such as RSA SecurID and RADIUS, and smart card authentication solutions.

Each View Connection Server instance is joined to an Active Directory domain, and users are authenticated against Active Directory for the joined domain. Users are also authenticated against any additional user domains with which a trust agreement exists.

You can configure a View Connection Server instance so that users are required to use RSA SecurID authentication or RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) authentication.

A smart card is a small plastic card that is embedded with a computer chip. Many government agencies and large enterprises use smart cards to authenticate users who access their computer networks. A smart card is also referred to as a Common Access Card (CAC).

When View Client users select the Log in as current user check box, the credentials that they provided when logging in to the client system are used to authenticate to the View Connection Server instance and to the View desktop. No further user authentication is required.