Exclude a Domain from Connectivity Monitoring
The Domain Connectivity Health monitor checks the connectivity between a View Connection Server host’s domain and any trusted domains. To avoid seeing alerts for a domain, you can exclude the domain from being monitored.
To exclude a domain from being monitored for connectivity
In the Operations Manager console, go to Monitoring\VMware View, and select the Group State view or the Group Node State view.
Right click on the Domain Connectivity Health entry for the Connection Server in the Health Explorer and select Monitor Properties.
Under the Overrides tab, click Override and select the option for all objects of the same class.
In the Override Properties window, select the Override check box for the DomainExcludeList parameter, enter the name of the excluded domain in the Override Setting field, and select the Enforced check box. If you want to exclude more than one domain, use spaces to separate the domain names.
Click Apply and OK.