Administrators must perform specific tasks to enable end users to connect to View desktops.

Before end users can connect to View Connection Server or a security server and access a View desktop, you must configure certain pool settings and security settings:

If you are using a security server, as VMware recommends, verify that you are using View Connection Server 4.6.1 and View Security Server 4.6.1 or later. See the VMware View Installation documentation for View 4.6 or later.

If you plan to use a secure connection for client devices and if the secure connection is configured with a DNS host name for View Connection Server or a security server, verify that the client device can resolve this DNS name.

To enable or disable the secure tunnel, in View Administrator, go to the Edit View Connection Server Settings dialog box and use the check box called Use secure tunnel connection to desktop.

Verify that a virtual desktop pool has been created and that the user account you plan to use is entitled to access this View desktop. See the topics about creating desktop pools in the VMware View Administration documentation.

To use two-factor authentication with View Client, such as RSA SecurID or RADIUS authentication, you must enable this feature on View Connection Server. RADIUS authentication is available with View 5.1 or later View Connection Server. For more information, see the topics about two-factor authentication in the VMware View Administration documentation.