To support linked-clone desktops that run in local mode, the Transfer Server repository stores View Composer base images in an accessible datastore. View Manager and View Transfer Server provision and update linked-clone, local desktops from the Transfer Server repository.


If you do not use View Composer linked clones in local mode, you do not have to configure a Transfer Server repository. The Transfer Server repository is not used for full virtual machine desktops that run in local mode.

Before a user can check out a linked-clone desktop so that it can run in local mode, you must publish its base image to the Transfer Server repository.

When you publish an image file to the Transfer Server repository, View Transfer Server stores the files as encrypted packages. View Transfer Server can compress the packages to streamline downloads to local desktops.

When a user checks out a linked-clone desktop for the first time, View Transfer Server performs two operations:

Downloads the base image from the Transfer Server repository to the local computer.

Downloads the remote linked-clone desktop from the datacenter to the local computer. The desktop consists of the linked clone's OS delta disk and a View Composer persistent disk.

When you run linked-clone desktops in the datacenter, the linked clones share access to one base image. When you run a linked-clone desktop in local mode, a copy of the base image must reside with the linked-clone desktop on the local computer.

The base image is downloaded only once if it remains unchanged. When users check in and check out their desktops again, View Transfer Server downloads the linked clones' OS delta disks and View Composer persistent disks, not the base image.

If a base image is recomposed, View Transfer Server downloads the updated image from the Transfer Server repository to the local computers the next time users check out their desktops. For details, see Recompose Linked-Clone Desktops That Can Run in Local Mode.


A linked-clone desktop that was created from a base image must be checked into the datacenter before you can recompose it.