You can participate in a customer experience improvement program when you install View Connection Server with a new configuration or by using View Administrator after the installation. If you participate in the program, VMware collects anonymous data about your deployment in order to improve VMware's response to customer requirements. No data that identifies your organization is collected.

Before collecting the data, VMware makes anonymous all fields that contain information that is specific to your organization. The sanitized fields identify computers, data storage, networking features, applications, and users. For example, IP addresses and desktop customization specifications are made anonymous.

VMware sanitizes a field by generating a hash of the actual value. When a hash value is collected, VMware cannot identify the actual value but can detect changes in the value when you change your environment.

To help you determine whether to join the program, you can review the fields from which VMware gathers data. You can also examine all the sanitized fields. The fields are organized by View component.