The View PCoIP Session Variables ADM template file contains group policy settings that configure PCoIP session characteristics that affect the use of the keyboard.

View PCoIP Session Variables for the Keyboard



Disable sending CAD when users press Ctrl+Alt+Del

When this policy is enabled, users must press Ctrl+Alt+Insert instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del to send a Secure Attention Sequence (SAS) to the desktop during a PCoIP session.

You might want to enable this setting if users become confused when they press Ctrl+Alt+Del to lock the client endpoint and an SAS is sent to both the host and the guest.

This setting applies to View Agent only and has no effect on a client.

When this policy is not configured or is disabled, users can press Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Alt+Insert to send an SAS to the desktop.

Enable Right SHIFT behavior when a PCoIP client is connected

Determines whether to enable substitution of the Right SHIFT key with a Left SHIFT key, which allows the Right SHIFT key to function properly when using RDP through PCoIP. This setting can be useful when RDP is used within a PCoIP session.

This setting applies to View Agent only and has no effect on a client.

When this setting is disabled or not configured, the substitution is not performed.

On desktops that run View Agent 4.6 and later, the Right SHIFT key functions properly when RDP is used in a PCoIP session. Use this setting only on desktops that run View Agent 4.5 and earlier.

For View Agent 4.6, this setting is applied, but it is not needed. For View Agent 5.0 and later, this setting is not applied even when it is configured.

Use alternate key for sending Secure Attention Sequence

Specifies an alternate key, instead of the Insert key, for sending a Secure Attention Sequence (SAS).

You can use this setting to preserve the Ctrl+Alt+Ins key sequence in virtual machines that are launched from inside a View desktop during a PCoIP session.

For example, a user can launch a vSphere Client from inside a PCoIP desktop and open a console on a virtual machine in vCenter Server. If the Ctrl+Alt+Ins sequence is used inside the guest operating system on the vCenter Server virtual machine, a Ctrl+Alt+Del SAS is sent to the virtual machine. This setting allows the Ctrl+Alt+Alternate Key sequence to send a Ctrl+Alt+Del SAS to the PCoIP desktop.

When this setting is enabled, you must select an alternate key from a drop-down menu. You cannot enable the setting and leave the value unspecified.

When this setting is disabled or not configured, the Ctrl+Alt+Ins key sequence is used as the SAS.

This setting applies to View Agent only and has no effect on a client.

Use enhanced keyboard on Windows client if available

Determines whether to direct keyboard sequences to be restricted to the guest operating system in PCoIP desktop sessions.

When you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Win+L, or another keyboard sequence, the guest system only, rather than both guest and host, acts on the command. For example, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete does not lock the host system.

This setting applies to Windows hosts only.

Before the enhanced keyboard setting can take effect, the VMware keyboard filter driver, vmkbd.sys, must be installed and configured. The VMware keyboard filter driver is automatically installed and configured on computers that have VMware Workstation, Player, or View Client with Local Mode installed. You can use this setting only when View Client is run by a member of the administrator’s group on Windows XP or is run under elevated privileges by Run as administrator on Windows Vista and later.

This setting allows the Windows host system to process keyboard input by an alternative method. It processes raw keyboard input as soon as possible, bypassing Windows keystroke processing and any malware that is not already at a lower layer. Use enhanced virtual keyboard if the virtual machine might be used by someone with an international keyboard or a keyboard with extra keys.

When this policy is not configured or disabled, the enhanced keyboard feature is not used.