Under certain circumstances, after you open View Client and specify a View Connection Server instance, the login window does not appear for 30 or more seconds.

The login window is not accessible for sometimes as long as 30 seconds, until the connection attempt times out.

If View Client uses an IP address for View Connection Server, this problem occurs if you have a network connection but View Connection Server is not reachable. For example, you might see this problem if you attempt to log in to a local desktop from home when you have an Internet connection but do not have a VPN connection that would allow access to View Connection Server.

If View Client uses a host name rather than an IP address, on a local area network (LAN), this problem means that View Connection Server, or a proxy if you use a proxy, is down or a firewall is blocking the connection. On a wide area network (WAN) this problem could mean the same thing or it could mean that the host name is resolvable on public DNS but the server is not meant to be accessible from the WAN.

You must wait for the connection attempt to time out. The login window appears eventually.