The View Transfer Server component was added in View 4.5. View Transfer Server is an optional View Manager component that supports check in, check out, and replication of desktops that run in local mode.


This procedure describes an in-place upgrade. To migrate to a different machine, see Upgrade to View Transfer Server 5.0 on a Different Machine.

Verify that you have local administrator privileges on the Windows Server that you will use to run the installer and perform the upgrade.

Verify that the virtual machine on which the current View Transfer Server instance is installed meets the system requirements for View 5.0.

See Supported Operating Systems for View Transfer Server.

If the View Transfer Server instance uses a local file system for its Transfer Server Repository, back up the Transfer Server Repository directory.


Put the View Transfer Server into maintenance mode.


In View Administrator, go to View Configuration > Servers, select the View Transfer Server, and click Enter Maintenance Mode.


Wait until the status changes to Maintenance.

The status remains in Maintenance Pending until all active transfers are complete.


On the virtual machine that hosts the View Transfer Server instance, run the installer for the VMware View 5.0 Transfer Server.

The installer determines that an older version is already installed and performs an upgrade. The installer displays fewer installation options than during a fresh installation.


Verify that the VMware View Transfer Server service restarts after the installer wizard closes.


In View Administrator, go to View Configuration > Servers, select the View Transfer Server, and click Exit Maintenance Mode.

If you use View Composer, see Upgrade View Composer Only or Upgrade to View Composer 2.7 and vCenter Server 5.0 on a Different Machine. If you have finished upgrading View server components, at your next maintenance window, continue with the VMware View upgrade.

If you are also upgrading vSphere components, see Upgrading ESX/ESXi Hosts and Virtual Machines.

If you upgrading only View components, see Upgrade View Agent.