Wyse MMR (multimedia redirection) enables full-fidelity playback when multimedia files are streamed to a View desktop.

The MMR feature supports the media file formats that the client system supports, because local decoders must exist on the client. File formats include MPEG2, WMV, AVI, and WAV, among others.

This feature has the following limitations:

For best quality, use Windows Media Player 10 or later, and install it on both the local computer, or client access device, and the View desktop.

The Wyse MMR port, which is 9427 by default, must be added as a firewall exception in the View desktop.

MMR is not supported on Windows 7 clients or virtual desktops.

Although MMR is not supported on Windows 7 virtual desktops, if the Windows 7 desktop has 1GB of RAM and 2 virtual CPUs, you can use PCoIP to play 480p- and 720p-formatted videos at native resolutions. For 1080p, you might need to make the window smaller to get HD quality.