The View Agent installation program opens certain TCP ports on the firewall. Ports are incoming unless otherwise noted.

TCP Ports Opened During View Agent Installation





USB redirection





4172 (TCP and UDP)

The View Agent installation program configures the local firewall rule for inbound RDP connections to match the current RDP port of the host operating system, which is typically 3389. If you change the RDP port number, you must change the associated firewall rules.

If you instruct the View Agent installation program to not enable Remote Desktop support, it does not open ports 3389 and 32111, and you must open these ports manually.

If you use a virtual machine template as a desktop source, firewall exceptions carry over to deployed desktops only if the template is a member of the desktop domain. You can use Microsoft group policy settings to manage local firewall exceptions. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article 875357 for more information.