To use View Composer, you must configure View Manager with initial settings that match the settings for the View Composer service that is installed in vCenter Server. View Composer is a feature of View Manager, but its service operates directly on virtual machines in vCenter Server.


If you are not using View Composer, you can skip this task.

Your Active Directory administrator must create a domain user with permission to add and remove virtual machines from the Active Directory domain that contains your linked clones. To manage the linked-clone machine accounts in Active Directory, the domain user must have Create Computer Objects, Delete Computer Objects, and Write All Properties permissions.

See Create a User Account for View Composer.

You must configure View Manager to connect to vCenter Server. See Add vCenter Server Instances to View Manager.


In View Administrator, open the Edit vCenter Server dialog box.


Click View Configuration > Servers.


In the vCenter Servers panel, select the vCenter Server entry.


Click Edit.


Select Enable View Composer and make sure that the port number is the same as the port that you specified when you installed the View Composer service on vCenter Server.

View Manager verifies that the View Composer service is running on vCenter Server.


Click Add to add the domain user for View Composer account information.


Type the domain name of the Active Directory domain.

For example:


Type the domain user name, including the domain name.

For example:\admin


Type the account password.


Click OK.


To add domain user accounts with privileges in other Active Directory domains in which you deploy linked-clone pools, repeat the preceding steps.


Click OK to close the Edit vCenter Server dialog box.

Repeat this procedure for each vCenter Server instance in which View Composer services are installed.