The transmission control block (TCB) holds information about TCP connections that are made between View Connection Server clients and their desktop sources. To support a large View desktop deployment on Windows Server 2003 computers, you can increase the size of the TCB hash table.

On Windows Server 2008 computers, you do not need to increase the maximum size of the TCB hash table. Windows Server 2008 fully tunes this value by default.

The TCB is a memory-resident data structure that contains socket numbers, the location of incoming and outgoing data buffers, bytes received or unacknowledged, and other information.

To retrieve this information quickly, Windows Server stores TCB data structures in a hash table.

By default, Windows Server 2003 configures the number of hash table rows based on the number of CPUs in the Windows Server computer.

Maximum TCB Hash Table Size on Windows Server 2003

Number of CPUs

Maximum Number of TCB Hash Table Rows









You use two different formulas to calculate the TCB hash table size on View Connection Server instances and security servers.