You can configure SSL server certificates for View Connection Server instances and security servers.

You perform the following tasks to configure an SSL server certificate for View Connection Server or security server:


Add the keytool utility to your system path on the View Connection Server instance or security server.

You use the keytool utility to create keystore files, generate certificate requests, import certificates into keystores, and add private keys to keystores. See Add keytool to the System Path.


Determine whether you need to obtain a new signed SSL server certificate from a CA. If you already have a valid SSL certificate, determine your configuration path.

Starting Place


Your organization provided you with a valid SSL server certificate.

Determine the configuration path to take, depending on your SSL certificate format. See Use an Existing SSL Certificate and Private Key.

You do not have an SSL server certificate.

Obtain a signed SSL server certificate from a CA. See Creating a New SSL Certificate.


Configure View Connection Server or security server to use the SSL server certificate. See Configure a View Connection Server Instance or Security Server to Use a New Certificate.


Configure settings in View Administrator to use SSL for client connections. See Configure SSL for Client Connections.