An expedient way of installing the View Client or View Client with Local Mode application is to open a browser and browse to the View Portal Web page. You can use View Portal to download the full View Client installer for both Windows and Mac client computers.

As of View 4.5, View Portal installs the full View Client for Windows, with or without Local Mode, and View Client for the Mac.


View Portal does not support Linux. A native client for Linux is available only through certified VMware partners.

Verify that you have the URL for the View Connection Server instance.

Verify that you can log in as an administrator on the client system.

Verify that a virtual desktop has been created and that the user account you plan to use is entitled to access this desktop.

Verify that the client system uses a supported operating system. See Supported Operating Systems for Windows-Based View Client and View Client with Local Mode.

Verify that View Agent is not installed.

If you plan to install View Client with Local Mode, verify that your license includes View Client with Local Mode.

If you plan to install View Client with Local Mode, verify that none of the following products is installed: VMware View Client, VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VMware ACE, VMware Server.

Determine whether the person who uses the client device is allowed to access locally connected USB devices from a virtual desktop. If not, you must deselect the USB Redirection component that the wizard presents.

If you plan to install the USB Redirection component, verify that the Windows Automatic Update feature is not turned off on the client computer.


Log in to the client system as a user with administrator privileges.


Open a browser and enter the URL of the View Connection Server instance that provides access to the virtual desktop.

Internet Explorer can determine whether an upgrade is available, whereas Firefox and Safari cannot. Also, in the list of installers, Internet Explorer lists 32-bit installers if the client has a 32-bit system and lists 64-bit installers if the client has a 64-bit system, whereas Firefox lists both 32-bit and 64-bit installers.


Follow the prompts on the Web page.

If the version available from View Connection Server is newer than that installed on the client device, you can choose to upgrade. If the version is the same as that on the client device, View Portal starts the View Client installed on the client computer.

If you have an older version of View Client and a smart card is required for client connections, an Internet Explorer browser prompts you to insert your smart card before View Portal checks the version of your existing View Client.


If Internet Explorer prompts you to insert a smart card, either insert the card or click Cancel.

Inserting a smart card and Cancel have the same effect.