To configure whether client connections use SSL when communicating with View Connection Server, you configure a global setting in View Administrator. The setting applies to View desktop clients and clients that run View Administrator.

Global settings affect all client sessions that are managed by a standalone View Connection Server instance or a group of replicated instances. They are not specific to a single View Connection Server instance.

If View Connection Server is configured for smart card authentication, SSL must be enabled for client connections.

SSL is enabled by default for client connections.


If you disable SSL for client connections, users must deselect the Use secure connection (SSL) check box in View Client before connecting to the View Connection Server host and administrators must type an HTTP URL to run View Administrator.


If you disable or enable SSL for client connections, all existing client connections are terminated. Choose a time to restart the View Connection Server service that is least disruptive to the desktop users.


In View Administrator, select View Configuration > Global Settings and click Edit.


To configure SSL for client connections, select or deselect Require SSL for client connections and View Administrator.


Click OK to save your changes.


Restart the View Connection Server service to make your changes take effect.

In a replicated group, you must restart the service on each View Connection Server instance and on each paired security server.


Reconfigure any firewalls and load balancers to permit client connections using the new SSL configuration.

See the VMware View Architecture Planning document for more information.